Current Projects


APPLE - Okay, maybe not so recent, but for a year he was the voice of Apple for all it’s iLife 08 applications, talking you through the tutorials for iTunes, IDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, Garageband & iWeb.

NARUTO - Among other roles in the Naruto series and Video Games, Kirk is currently playing Kisame.

DRAGONAGE II- In the soon to be released Dragon Age, Kirk will be playing a variety of Dwarves.

POWER RANGERS JUNGLE FURY - You can hear Kirk as Master RJ in the Power Rangers Jungle Fury Mega Mission Helmet, a new interactive toy from Bandai.

MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE - Kirk portrays Electro in the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, as well as several other characters that suffer cruel and unusual punishment before ultimately biting it.

Silent Hill, Shattered Memories - Kirk plays Harry Mason. Play the game or see the trailer at

MONSTERS VS ALIENS - If you want to hear Kirk scream in terror and die a horrible, agonizing death, check him out in the video game Monsters vs Aliens by Activision.


KANE & LYNCH - Kirk plays a Scotsman, a Brit and a worn out cop with emphysema. It’s good to be bad in the latest version of this classic game.

HAPPILY NEVER AFTER 2 - That’s Kirk putting his pig nose on and playing the role of Monk in the recently released feature length animation, Happily Never After 2.

DC UNIVERSE ONLINE - Look to hear Kirk in this game scheduled for release in 2010.

RED FACTION GUERRILLA - Kirk is smashing, bashing, being burned and electrocuted in this recently released game by THQ.

GUILD WARS 2 - Not released yet. Can’t talk about it.

CALL OF DUTY: Modern Warfare 2 - Marine

CLOUD BREAD - In this wonderfully charming children's animation, Kirk plays Dad, Grandpa, Uncle Kook and pretty much any other male role over the age of 10, as well as a few under.

HOT WHEELS RACING CIRCUT - Kirk is your host, Ace Turner and several of the drivers on this new Mattel online racing game.

BLEACH - Kirk is the voice of the Narrator, as well as several other characters. He also co-directs the voice over and adapts the scripts.